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Waiting in doctor's offices is often the most difficult part of patient treatment. This is not the standard practice at Northeastern Medical. We care about your time and always make home deliveries.

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Choosing the right caregiver can be scary. Finding someone you can trust may be difficult. Northeastern Medical can help. Let our network of doctors and caregivers provide the services and care you need.

Doctors & Caregivers

Finding the right doctor can prove difficult. Finding the right caregiver can be scary. Let Northeastern Medical help with both. We have a network of doctors and caregivers throughout Maine and Massachusetts

Northeastern Medical Caregivers

Properly caring for a patient involves more than prescribing medications. Caring for a patient involves making the best effort to ensure they are comfortable, free of pain, and maintain as much dignity as possible. Some doctors fail.

Northeastern Medical is not like anything you've seen before. Our network of doctor referrals are caring, conscientious, empathetic and understand the value of time, when a patient is uncomfortable or in pain. Our goal is to make sure you receive the best care with the least interference in your day-to-day life. Sometimes this means home visits. Sometimes it means being available by phone. It always means taking the time to make sure our patients receive the best care possible.

Northeastern Medical may not be able to service every patient with in-house an caregiver, but we can always recommend pre-screened quality referrals that care as much about the patient as anything else.

We have a network of doctors and caregivers in Maine and Massachusetts that will put the patient's need before the almighty dollar. They will take the time to listen and provide the best possible care.

We work for you. We work for your health.

We are not doctors, but Northeastern Medical cares about helping you live pain and symptom free. We care about your health and making sure you live as happy, healthy, and long as possible.

If we can't help, we can help find someone who can. No matter your signs, symptoms, illness or diseases, our staff has a network of people that can help.

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If you need a doctor's recommendation or need a caregiver, please take the time to call today. We are currently accepting new patients from in the Portland, Lewiston, Auburn areas.